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Upcoming Workshops & Classes

Upcoming Workshops & Courses

At Healthy Transitions Consulting, we are passionate about self-development and supporting others in their personal and professional growth.

We believe in the unlimited capacity of people to transform, grow and subsequently influence their workplace environments. We bring people together to reimagine what’s possible while helping them to learn from the past and create the vision for the future.

We use a systemic approach to help organizations develop innovative ways to utilize the inner capacities of their teams. We incorporate a mindfulness framework with appreciative inquiry and lean management principles.

We partner with our clients to deepen and cultivate their self-awareness. We assist them create a positive internal shift that will impact their professional and personal environments. We offer the tools to facilitate thriving relationships, creativity, productivity and innovation.

The combination of education, experience and skill set in the areas of operations, human resources, finance, and clinical practice—complemented by deeply rooted mindfulness practices—give us our unique position in the field of consulting.

Mindful Leader

Do you want to create a better sense of balance, calm and focus to become an effective and authentic leader?


Mindful Team

Are you looking for ways to increase productivity and revenues, reduce health care costs, and improve employee satisfaction and retention?


Mindful Woman

Are you looking for a better balance in your life, want to show up more authentically in your relationships, while staying true to yourself and your desires?


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