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About Iwona

I have over 30 years of nursing experience and 15 of those years working in leadership positions in various healthcare systems and in a family business.
In my practice, I combine my personal and professional experiences with my education to help create an awareness about the importance mental health and wellbeing has on every aspect of our lives, but especially in the workplace. My passion lies in helping individuals, especially leaders, cultivate self-awareness and create a positive internal shift that impacts their professional and personal environments. Through this, relationships, creativity and innovation can thrive. I believe in the unlimited capacity of people to transform, grow and subsequently influence their workplace environment.
I utilize the power of mindfulness and its influence on our relationship with stress. I support my clients in helping them to overcome the impact chronic stress and burnout has on their lives as well as assist them in monopolizing the positive aspects of stress.
I am Stress Management and Resiliency Techniques- smartUBC facilitator, a mindfulness training.
Earlier in my career as well as in my graduate studies, I focused on the impact leadership and organizational culture has on the customer experience, productivity, staff satisfaction and retention as well as overall revenue growth.
Throughout my life, I developed a deep trust in human capacity that became even more prevalent after spending time healing from chronic stress and burnout. Through this, I learned first-hand the importance of mental health and wellbeing. During my recovery, I discovered and became fascinated with the latest discoveries in neuroscience, epigenetics and neuroplasticity. I learned how to build resilience in the body and mind. In a way, I bio-hacked my life to overcome the adversities of my experiences. As a result, I witnessed how the body and mind can heal from chronic stress when given proper support in the right environment.

My Mission

I partner with my clients to create an awareness of the impact chronic stress and burnout has on their lives, their employees and their profits. I utilize the power of mindfulness, to assist them in deepening and cultivating self-awareness, and to create positive internal shifts in their professional and personal environments. I offer the tools to facilitate thriving relationships, creativity, productivity and innovation.

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