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This lunch and learn session introduces participants to the impact chronic stress and burnout has on our lives and how mindfulness helps us build resilience.
In this session participants will learn:
  • effective and proven techniques to improve your relationship with stress
  • how use stress to your advantage
  • how unlock your personal and professional potential
Explore how to incorporate mindfulness in the workplace to improve engagement, creativity, high-quality work, self-awareness, motivation and performance of your team.
This flexible workshop is tailored to the needs of the workplace team and may run from two hours to a full work-day as needed. In this workshop participants will learn about the science of mindfulness, gain a better understanding of how habits impact our performance and experience mindfulness practices firsthand.
This workshop is an opportunity to introduce oneself to the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into the workplace environment for helping reduce chronic stress and burnout, increase the team’s performance, improve creativity and reduce employee absenteeism and turnover.
“No-one can give well-being to you. It’s you who has to take action.” – Sarah Stewart-Brown
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Stress Management And Resiliency Training - smartUBC

Effective, Proven Techniques to Improve Stress Management

In today’s contemporary society people experience elevated level of stress on daily basis. When asked, most people will state that they feel stressed, but they don’t know how to change it.
Studies show that most of us have chronically elevated levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. As a result, we suffer from insomnia, anxiety, irritability and various other symptoms preventing us from living happy, fulfilling lives.

about smartUBC

  • The smartUBC training is based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) developed in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn.
  • Smart was created in 2007 by the Impact Foundation.
  • smartUBC also incorporates components of compassion and kindness theories
  • Since 2010 this training has been offered in Colorado, Michigan, Ontario and BC.
  • In May 2013, the Impact Foundation transferred the Canadian rights of SMART to UBCO
  • At the UBCO campus, the smartUBC Curriculum and Certification Committee reviews and revises the curriculum and certifies facilitators
smartUBC trains participants to:
  • Employ self-care techniques to cultivate personal and professional resilience.
  • Manage stress through a greater understanding and control of emotions.
  • Create effective strategies for relating to challenging situations.
  • Enhance concentration and executive function (planning, decision-making, and impulse control).
  • Improve personal overall mental and physical health.
  • Promote happiness through healthy habits of the mind.
smartUBC techniques and strategies promote:
  • Concentration, attention, and mindfulness
  • Awareness and understanding of emotions
  • Empathy, compassion, and positive interpersonal communication
Physical benefits of mindfulness include:
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Reduction and prevention of pain
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy, strength, vigour
Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching is a one-on-one training program for managers, business owners, senior staff and other leaders.This program offers a better understanding of how chronic stress and burnout impacts our mental health and well-being by altering our perception of ourselves, our professional and social world and our relationships.
During this program, the coachee explores how chronic stress, habits, espoused values and deeply rooted belief systems affect their ability to discover their own potentials, desires and ways to show up authentically in their professional life.
As a result of this self-exploration, coachee will deepen their self-awareness, enhance their emotional intelligence and in return show up in their leadership role with a capacity to expand their communication and listening skills, compassion, patience, trust, presence, and caring- necessary skills to create an organizational culture where engagement, creativity, loyalty and high-quality work will flourish.
“Ultimate well-being has nothing to do with what’s outside us. What would happen if we could fully take charge of our own wellbeing?” – Daniel Goleman

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Curriculum at a Glance

Week 1 – Introduction to SMART
Week 2 – Introduction to Practice
Week 3 – Responding vs Reacting: Perceptions of stress & reaction vs response
Week 4 – Working with Emotions
Week 5 – Working with Anger
Week 6 – Exploring the Concept of Forgiveness
Silent Retreat – 4 hours of varied practices with instructions
Week 7 – Exploring Concepts of Kindness and Compassion
Week 8 – Beginnings and Endings: Exploring concepts of being/doing, and what’s next

Who should enroll?

Leaders, Entrepreneurs, HR Professionals, Wellness Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Coaches and anyone committed to their mental health and well-being.
The class size is limited to provide an intimate group setting and to ensure that the instructor gets to know every participant.