Mindfulness is a Superpower

For millennia, the stress response helped us stay alive. But now, in our fast-paced world where we are no longer in life or death situations, our exaggerated stress response is an obstacle to a healthy and happy life.

The latest research on stress shows that it has negatively impacted the mental and physical health of people around the world. Living in a chronic state of tension and anxiety leads to serious and sometimes, life-threatening health problems.

Like many people, I was suffering from debilitating and disruptive health issues that I thought were normal and a natural part of the aging process. After all, weren’t we all tired, sick and stressed?

Even though I was doing everything right to feel better–I took medication, ate healthily, exercised regularly, and spent quality time with family and friends–I was still struggling. I had no appetite, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus, and I was always worn down, tired and irritable. To cope, I turned to less than healthy habits, and my physical and mental health continued to decline. I knew that stress was a major factor in how I was feeling, but I had no idea how to change it until I discovered my own superpower: mindfulness.

Unlike in fictional, action-packed superhero movies, mindfulness is a superpower accessible to everyone. Becoming aware of our perceptions and how our mind operates gives us the ability to effectively cope with our stressors. We can harness our stress and activate our minds to work in our favour.

While mindfulness is a simple superpower to learn, it takes practice to master. The evidence-based Stress Management And Resiliency Techniques program from the University of British Columbia (smartUBC) is how I mastered mindfulness and regained control of my life. Now as a smartUBC Facilitator, I am excited to share this program with others.

SmartUBC is an eight-week program that will allow you to tap into the power of your mind with scientifically-proven techniques to relieve stress, improve relationships, increase happiness, and boost confidence. You can become your own superhero!


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