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Mindfulness Drop-In Sessions

Drop-In Mindfulness Community Practices

Mindfulness is a natural part of being human, that involves present moment awareness.

The Drop-In Mindfulness Community Practice offers an opportunity to sit in stillness and silence with others. Practicing within a community is a powerful way to enhance your own mindfulness practice.

Together, we will engage in guided mindfulness practices and spend time on exploring how mindfulness can be developed in the context of our busy lives.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, a pillow or cushion, a journal and a water bottle. Consider dressing in layers or bring a blanket or a wrap, as the room can get chilly when we sit in stillness.

Richard Davidson conducted a study comparing graduates of 8 weeks mindfulness training to long-term meditators. He discovered that while mindfulness “…training reduced the reactivity of amygdala, the long-term meditator group showed both this reduced reactivity of amygdala plus strengthening of the connection between the prefrontal cortex and amygdala… This pattern implies that …the ability to manage distress will be grater in long-term meditators…”

Become a long-term meditator!!!

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Drop-In Sessions

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