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Project Description

smartUBC Mindfulness Training

smartUBC Mindfulness

Stress Management And Resiliency Techniques (smartUBC) Mindfulness Training draws on the latest research, human psychology, and the wisdom of leading practitioners to improve your life.

Program Overview: This program will help you bring your nervous system out of emergency response and a constant state of alertness. You will learn how to quiet the white noise in your head of the 21st-century. You will learn healthy daily discipline and how small changes in thinking and habits can lead to profound changes in your health and relationships. This program will take you into a place where communication, connection, and creativity happen naturally.

Program Format: The 20-hour program is delivered in a workshop setting, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 participants. It consists of 8 weekly 2-hour sessions and one 4-hour workshop.

Program Outcomes:

  • Learn effective strategies for managing challenging situations

  • Enhance concentration and executive function (planning, decision-making and impulse control)

  • Cultivate personal and professional resiliency through self-care techniques

  • Manage stress through a greater understanding and control of emotions

  • Improve overall mental and physical health

  • Promote happiness through healthy habits of the mind

  • Revitalize personal and professional purpose

smartUBC originally developed in the United States and is now managed by the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus (UBCO). UBCO researches and manages the development of the evidence-based curriculum while continuously updating it. More information HERE

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smartUBC Mindfulness Training

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