How stressed are you, really? Is chronic stress or burnout affecting your health, relationships, and happiness? This quick, 8-question quiz will indicate whether or not stress is a concern for you.

Note: This is not a replacement for professional diagnosis! If you are concerned about your health and stress levels, contact a trained and certified healthcare professional.

1.How often do you feel fatigued, tired, or worn out, or have trouble sleeping through the night?
2.How often do you feel negatively about your current occupation?
3.How often do you find yourself getting irritated by small problems or minor conflicts with colleagues?
4.How often do you feel that you can’t achieve the things you feel you ought to, or that your productivity is hampered by stress?
5.How often do you feel that there is simply too much work for you to get done?
6.How often do you feel misunderstood or underappreciated by colleagues and/or customers/clients?
7.How often do you find your mind wandering to work-related issues, or feel distracted by other concerns during personal time?
8.How often do you feel like you must neglect your relationships, diet, or exercise routine in order to focus on work?